Chicken Adventure

In a world without a floor, the only solution is to find the way out. Help our friend to go through several maps facing complicated challenges to save themselves.

Chicken Adventure has a great variety of maps each one different from the other, possessing also many challenges and puzzles to solve, all this introduced in a very simple and pleasant in the game, this set makes us want to play more and more.

Intercalando between simple maps and other almost hardcore, you will have several hours of fun in this incredible game. Fun guaranteed for all players.

  1. Dozens of maps, with several challenges to solve to find the exit.
  2. Many, many pitfalls, that will complicate your journey more and more.
  3. Dynamic traps, which can significantly change your movement between one map and another, making it even harder to figure out how to pass them.
  4. "All against you."
  5. In the game everything can kill you.
Trailer: Chicken Adventure
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